As a full service debt recovery business, we tailor our strategy to each of your portfolios, recommending solutions that will maximise collections.

This approach is based on our experience, combined with state of the art systems and analysis. We can offer you the following debt recovery services:

Pre Legal

This is a highly effective collections solution utilising a full suite of collection methods to recover the debt prior to legal action.

Legal & Litigation

Progressing the account to litigation is a seamless and efficient process as QDR Solicitors is a separate business from but is wholly owned by Wright Hassall LLP, a tried and tested UK law firm with significant legal expertise.

Early Arrears Outsourcing

We provide clients with a seamless extension to your in house collections operations releasing internal resources to focus on core areas.

3rd Party Debt Management

For those accounts that are being managed via a third party debt management company, we provide a cost effective alternative to managing these accounts yourselves.

Debt Purchase

In those cases where you no longer wish to pursue the debt, we can provide a debt purchase solution where we buy the debt.

Trace & Collect

We offer a broad range of services for your gone away debtors, from trace only to trace and collect. Our team locates people quickly, accurately and ethically in full compliance with the Credit Services Association Tracing guidelines.